Pressure Test Pump DOS2012-01

The Pressure Test Pump DOS2012-01

Low pressure pump max WP 30Bar. (Safety valve 35Bar) High volume 40 liter per minute.
High pressure pump max WP 700Bar. (Safety valve 710Bar) Low volume 10 liter per minute.
Pressure Valve to Switch to 350Bar (Safety Valve 370Bar) our 700Bar. (Safety valve 710Bar)
High Pressure Holding Valve.
Bleed off Valve.
Bleed off Valve to switch back to tank our switch to the disposal hose.
Pressure setting with air reducing valves.
Air pressure gauges’ system pressure and reduced pump air pressure.
Safety air valve to stop the system in case of emergency.
Draw for small parts.
High pressure gauge 700Bar.
High pressure recorder 700Bar with 1-hour clock.

Stainless Steel Container.
Container locking system.
Doors can be complete open and can be locked.
Fork lift pockets
Wheels to move unit.
Wheels are removable and placed for transport on the right door.
Unit complete offshore ready.


·         EN12079-DNV27.1
·         EX IIB 2GD Hose reels

We can build the unit to customer requirements.
For example: Including well control equipment.


Pressure Test Pump
Pressure Test Pump

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