Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps

How to select Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps  

The Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps are suitable for liquid applications. To select and order a hydraulic pump that is suitable the best for your applications, the following parameters have to be observed:

Liquid to be handled


The type of liquid is essential to select a pump hence the wetted material of construction and compound of the seals are determined by the specific fluid. The  pumps are available for several services. The two most important we are offering standard pumps are for oil or water use, see also ordering codes.


Available air drive pressure

The pumps are designed for an air drive pressure of pL = 1 to 8 bar (14,5 to 116 psi) maximum.


Required hydraulic outlet pressure and flow capacity

The outlet pressures given in the technical pump tables are based upon a maximum air drive pressure of pL = 8 bar. The real outlet pressure in your specific case is determined by air drive pressure multiplied by pressure ratio, pL * i. The indicated flow capacities Qmax is the maximum value which can be reached at an outlet pressure of 0 bar and an air drive of pL = 6 bar.

Size and weight

For some applications the size and weight are also important to select a pump.

Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps

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