Pipe Straightener CT-PS-01


Hendriks Oilfield Services built this pipe straightener for the Hydra Rig 680 Injector. The customer wants to put Coil Tubing in a horizontal well. With the Pipe Straightener CT-PS-01 isLees verder

Pipe Straightener

The new Data Logger


HOS introduce the Data Logger 2016. With this device you can measure signals, convert them to digital data and store the data internally. These Data Loggers are made on customerLees verder

Data Loggers

Completely Renovated 4 1/16” 10K Dual Gate Valves


These Dual Gate Valves were full of corrosion and damaged, we renovated them and now they’re ready for use again! We get these dual gate valves back after a job,Lees verder

15 K Frac Stack


Our latest delivery, a 15 K Frac Stack. We completely assembled and pressure tested this stack and now it’s ready for an operation. This stack is completed with different equipment,Lees verder

Frac Stack

De website van Hendriks Oilfield Services is gereed!


In samenwerking met heeft Hendriks Oilfield Services een gloednieuwe website. Na veelvoorbereidend werk is de website eindelijk klaar voor gebruik en helemaal up-to-date. en Hendriks Oilfield Services hebbenLees verder

New website
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