Safety Valve Low Pressure Alarm System

Features Safety Valve Low Pressure Alarm System:

This equipment is designed after problems with Slick Line.

If they do the services work on the well, the safety valve and the master gate valve will be open with hydraulic pumps.

They connect small hydraulic pumps to the systems and open both valves.

Normally the valves stay in open position when there is enough pressure on the valves.

In this case there was a small leak in the pressure line to safety valve. The safety valve start slowly to close, the operator was not aware of this situation, and the safety valve damaged by pulling the slick line tools.

To avoid these problems in the future we designed a low pressure alarm system.


How the system works


  • We connect the low pressure alarm system between the air operated pressure pump.
  • We connect the air system.
  • The next step is to set the alarm manually settings between 1000 and 10.000 PSI is there a leak and the pressure will below the setting pressure, there will be an alarm (air horn).
  • The operator needs to pressure up the system again.
  • This can avoid a lot of trouble.
Safety Valve Low Pressure Alarm System
Safety Valve Low Pressure Alarm System

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