Pressure Test Pump DOS2012-01

The Pressure Test Pump DOS2012-01 is designed to pressure test equipment

Product Details.

  • Low pressure pump max WP 30Bar. (Safety valve 35Bar) High volume 40 liter per minute.
  • High pressure pump max WP 700Bar. (Safety valve 710Bar) Low volume 10 liter per minute.
  • Pressure Valve to Switch to 350Bar (Safety Valve 370Bar) our 700Bar. (Safety valve 710Bar)
  • High Pressure Holding Valve.
  • Bleed off Valve.
  • Bleed off Valve to switch back to tank our switch to the disposal hose.
  • Pressure setting with air reducing valves.
  • Air pressure gauges’ system pressure and reduced pump air pressure.
  • Safety air valve to stop the system in case of emergency.
  • Draw for small parts.
  • High pressure gauge 700Bar.
  • High pressure recorder 700Bar with 1-hour clock.


Design Details

  • Stainless Steel Container.
  • Container locking system.
  • Doors can be complete open and can be locked.
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Wheels to move unit.
  • Wheels are removable and placed for transport on the right door.
  • Unit complete offshore ready.


·         EN12079-DNV27.1
·         EX IIB 2GD Hose reels

We can build the unit to customer requirements.
For example: Including well control equipment.

Pressure Test Pump

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