JFC Gate Valves.

JFC gate valves, featured by high performance and bi-directional sealing designed and manufactured according to world’s most advanced  technology. It is a counterpart of JFC Gate Valves that gives fairly good performance under high pressure services. It is applicable for oil and gas wellhead, Christmas tree and choke kill manifold rated 5,000Psi to 20.000Psi. No special tools required when it comes to replace valve gate and seat.

Design Specifications:

Standard DFC gate valves are in accordance with API 6A 2010 latest Edition, and use the right materials for H2S services according Nace MR0175 standard.

Product Specification Level: PSL 1 – 4 Material Class: AA – FF Performance

Requirements: PR1 Temperature Class: PU

Product Features:

  • Forging valve body and bonnet.
  • Small operating torque.
  • Double metal sealing for valve body and bonnet.
  • For any positional gate, it is metal to metal rear seat sealing.
  • Lubricator nipple for easy maintenance.
  • Guide of valve disc to assure lubrication of valve body and protection of valve disc surface.
  • Manual or Hydraulic operation.
  • The user friendly design makes operation an easy job and max saves the cost.
  • Flanged connection.
Pressure Control Equipment
Pressure Control Equipment

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