Foam Water Pumping Container.

Foam Water Pumping Container

  • Transport Foam Water Pumping Container will be fabricated from steel. (Used Container)
  • In front of Container there will be two doors with container locks.
  • On all sides forklift pockets.
  • On top of the container will be four lift eyes.
  • Foam Water Pumping Container Certified to North Sea Specs EN12079.

Stainless Steel Tank 316 in two compartments 

  • Size 1550x1350x100. (l x w x h)
  • Capacity Foam tank 1250-liter Water tank 525 liter.
  • Air Breather on top of tank.
  • 2 x Level gauge tank on side of tank.
  • Automatic filling system on both tanks.
  • Suction filters in both tanks
  • Double outlets on both tanks with valves for open en close
  • Drains bottom side tanks.
  • Inspection Cover on top of tank.

Stainless Steel Waste Tank 316

  • Size 885x1245x289. (l x w x h) 320L
  • Capacity Waste tank 320 liter
  • Level gauge tank on front of tank.
  • Drain bottom side tank with drain hose.
  • Inspection Cover on top of tank.

Electric Operated Pres Pump

– Electric operate Pump.
– Pump Brand: Speck.
– Capacity 20l/min max 100 bar.
– Electro Motor SLG132S-4 – 5,5kw B3/B5-400/690 Volt 50Hz II2G Exe II T3

Foam Water Pumping Container
Foam Water Pumping Container

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