Christmas Tree

Hendriks Oilfield Services can supply you onshore and offshore wellhead equipment and Christmas tree in API 6A and NACE MR0175 standard.

Tubing Head Equipment:

Tubing head equipment is composed of tubing head spool, gate valve, tubing hanger, globe valve, gauge etc.

Main Features:

Our products are design and produced extremely as API spec 6A, and our material is corresponded with the requirement of NSCE MR0175.

There are three types of sealing methods, as rubber seal, rubber to metal seal, metal to metal seal.

  • Working pressure range: 3000psi to 20000psi;
  • Specification range: PSL1 to PSL 4.
  • Temperature grade: PU.

The material for all the pressure parts and flanges are excellent alloy forgings, which are all passed nondestructive inspection and special thermal treatment.

So the material has high capability for sulfur tolerance.

Casing head equipment could realize the seal requirement for the annual space between the case hanger and case.

The casing head equipment could also satisfy the supporting requirement for the case and could endure the erosion of different kinds of medium.

The casing head equipment produced according to the API spec. 6A and NACE MR0175.


  • The casing head could seal the annular space between different casing layers, which supply the transitional connection for the installation of the BOP, tubing head, Christmas tree and other upper well head equipment.
  • Cement supply, drilling fluid inspection and liquid balance could be realized through the side way of the casing head body.
  • Category: As the customer’s requirement, the casing head could be designed as integral structure and splitting type structure.
  • The connection between casing head and outer case could be divided into three ways that is welding type, thread type and slip type.
  • The structure for the matched casing hanger: slip type; thread type (mandrel type).
  • Connection for side outlet: thread type, bolted flange type and flange type.

Main Technical data:

  • Working pressure: 2.000 – 15.000 psi
  • Temperature: PU -29℃~ 121Well Head Cross Overs
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

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